Thomas F. McDow wrote Separation and Divorce in South Carolina: A Client’sGuide to answer frequently asked questions in plain simple English. More importantly, it will raise questions you may not have considered. It covers everything from preparation for the initial conference through appeals and life after divorce. Child custody, child support, separation agreements, dating, property division, attorney’s fees and legal procedures are a few of the chapters included.This is not a guide on how to represent yourself; it is a guide on how to help your lawyer get a better result for you. We recommend this guide whether you hire us or another other law firm. For approximately thirty years this guide sold to lawyers and litigants for $25 per copy.

At the end of guide are the standard in take forms and questionnaires used by this office. Each lawyer or law firm may require different information but the questions will give you and idea of the kinds of information you need to be gathering to help your lawyer prepare your case. For electronic forms which can be emailed ahead of time, please send your name, your spouses name, your telephone number andaddress to

Disclaimer: Our providing this guide neither makes us your lawyers nor you our clients. No attorney-client relationship exists until you come to our office for the initial interview, you hire us as your lawyers, and you pay our initial retainer fee.

The original guide was written in 1979. It is updated regularly to reflect changes in the law, professional expectations, and billing rates. For current billing rates, please call 803-327-4151.


Separation and Divorce in South Carolina, A Layman's Guide

Alimony Questionnaire

Basic Information Sheets

Child Custody Questionnaire

Property Division Questionnaire