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Mary McDow Rincon,Tabatha J. Jefferies, Thomas F. McDow and, Erin K. Urquhart.

Frequently people tell us they chose this law firm because “you will fight for me.” We tell them that they should not want a fighter unless they want the emotional stress, the damaged relationships, the delay, and the expense that goes with a fight. They should seek a good negotiator who is able and willing to try their case if the negotiations are not successful.

Before you shop for a lawyer, you need to know some facts about legal fees. Lawyers charge several types of fees. What is fair in one type of case or one situation may be grossly unfair in another type of case or in a different situation. The fairest fee to both the lawyer and the client is the hourly fee. This creates a direct relationship between the amount of time and the amount of fee. Do not wait until the last minutes to hire a lawyer. Good lawyers are reluctant to accept cases that they do not have time to prepare properly.